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Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Cannot possibly concentrate on crafting while I am awaiting the Footie starting.

Hope you have all said your Prayers to the Football Angel....If you haven't get one said now QUICK before 2.30, go on hurry up~

I will be back later, either winging and crying or happy and optomistic, the latter please.
Just having another quick pray to the Angel!!!!


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Lindsey said...

Well the angel seemed to be listening a bit when I walked into the room last although the way Hubby is shouting and yelling you wouldn't think so!!! I got the template a while back at Crafts U Love online and i'm sure it's still there. It's great! All you have to do is decorate your pinny! Glad you enjoyed sports day, BD went back for one day after his week off, promptly threw up and came home. He could have gone in today but it was our sports day too and i didn't think it was wise. Shame, he was looking forward to it! Uh oh hubby cursing...............should go and get kids out of ear shot before they start saying things like that in school *shudders!* xxx