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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Boo Hoo, No PC...Help!

Hi All~
Just a Quick post to say I am spitting feathers as my pc went all bonkers yesterday and I am posting to you on my daughters BORROWED laptop (which I have got to be very careful of. No drinking near it, no eating near it and no...well touching it really!!)

Hopefully the Burning smell coming from my topbox, can be fixed by the lovely man who is currently looking after it!
I may not be able to post for a while, but I will have to see how quick Mr Tech Guy can fix it (or not).
If it's a NO then my hubby is treating me to a lovely new laptop~ now then do I want the Tech guy to give me good or bad news I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!
See you soon Debbiexx


Elaine said...

Blimey, you have a lovely daughter.
If you were my Mum, no way would I let you use my laptop, borrowed or not! ( I am very protective of my baby pc) Hope is gets better soon - or not - ooooo get a new one instead!
Love Elaine xx

kelly said...

Oh Debbie i know exactly how you feel.I think when they make these things they must do something that triggers them to break after a certain time!We only had ours just over a year and the hard drive went,thank goodness we kept the insurance going on it or it would of been spending another £300+.Hope your up and running soon.Keep doing the cards,we`ll be waiting for them all,When the old/new one arrives.

kelly said...

Me again.Just spotted something that will cheer you up,you`ve won over at fabnfunky.Well done hun.

Lindsey said...

Oh no! hope it gets sorted soon. On the plus side you've won at Fab and Funky!

Mandy said...

Hun I bet you feel lost without it, what a nightmare. You'll just have to spend more time crafting a chore I know lol.
Hope it's sorted soon one way or another
hugs Mandy xx