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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Yes that is a RAT!

Hi Ladies~

I have another "Me" Scrap page Layout to show you today and YES! the title does say RAT!

Now this photo is not going to be every body's cup of tea, but I hope after I have told you a little story about it, you will either change your mind or be a little more happier with it!!

So onto the photograph of Me and My Son's pet "Rat" Scoot. Yes I know she has a TAIL, but she was the most wonderful pet ever.
They were clean, so funny, and my children (who had a rat each) used to play proper games with them. I can only describe them as having the intelligence of a small dog, they were a delight, were always wanting to be out the cage playing, the only down side to them was that they only had a lifespan of around 3 years, so tears were shed when after 2years and 10 months in our case.
The fun our family had with these two sweethearts was lovely, and I recommend them to any family. Our vets were very happy with our choice when we suggested it and were delighted to see them for check ups.
Scoot was so loving she liked to be close to your face, I use to sing songs to her and the vibrations from me singing use to keep her still for ages, this photo is taken of me and her together having a play time.
I had several friends who were not convinced by them, until they were around them, then they changed their minds and saw how lovely they were.
Sorry if you are not convinced, hope I ahve not made you cringe!!

I am not sure who makes this lovely paper, I have also used lots of leftover bits n bobs from my stash.

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May said...

I didnt cringe at all...What a great layout for your memories of Scoot... I have been told before on how lovely rats are as pets... But I do have a wee thing about their tails... not to sure why!! I must say wee Scoot was well loved he looks very spoiled in the pic!! Hugs May x x x

Mrs A. said...

I have heard before that rats are very intelligent. Yours looks to be loving all the fuss and stroking.Hugs Mrs a.

Jolara said...

what a beauty ! Hugs Joyce

Fern said...

Not for sure I'm convinced, but you've certainly made a cute layout in memory of her!! ;o) Thanks for playing along with us over at Stuck On U Sketches!! Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Fern's comment made me laugh!
But my dear, I am pretty sure this is the most feminine rat scrapbook page I have ever seen!
Too much fun! What a great and unusual topic! Love that!
Thanks so so much for having shared with us!


Unknown said...

Oh I love this layout, and I think the fact that Scoot is not a black rat, helps. She certainly looks content sitting there with you. What a treasured photo. My children had hamsters, and they too did not have long lives, but bring such joy to the children. Thanks for joining us at SOUS! Hope to see you tomorrow for the Hop... Hugs xx

Unknown said...

Fabulous scrap page Debbie and such a cute photo, I am not a lover of rats but my niece has one and she adores it and is always saying what a fabulous pet they make :)
Dawn x

Paula Bee said...

What a beautiful layout for such a great memory. While I have never had a rat for a pet, my best friend in college did and he was just awesome! He was so smart and very friendly. I know she was sad to see him go.