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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Wedding Acceptances

Hi Girls

Well not too bad weather wise today.....Hope it stays nice for a few days!

I am in the middle of a whole house re-furb at the mo....so it's two rooms down and quite a few to go.

This week I have just moved my Craftroom, I used to use my dining room, but now it's upstairs in my Son's old bedroom. It looks great, will show some photo's soon.
It was a bit of a shock moving it (don't think you know how much stuff you have 'till you come to do it)! omg, hubby got to see what I had too!!!   That didn;t go down too well...
The room is slightly smaller too, so fitting it all in was a bit of a jigsaw at times. I also HAD to do a touch of re-cycling and throwing out.

Next room is our bedroom, the big one! It is a long time since we decorated in their. Taking it right back to the brick too, so will be a longish job.

Anyway onto today's make. I have some fairs coming up so have been crafting like mad with mdf, but had to make some cards for my Daughter's workfriends, so here are a couple of them.

Sorry for the picture quality, these are two of four Wedding Acceptances I made, two of each colour.
The little heart stamp is one of my Indigo Blu mini stamps (I have this is the large stamp too), the banner was a free stamp from a magazine, I stamped this over the pc generated Acceptance wording.

Debbie X

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Pawsitively Creative said...

It sure takes a lot of work to move and even more so when a craft room is involved! Hehe! Wonderful cards and so nice if you to make some for your daughter to give out! Awesome sauce! ~Niki