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Friday, 13 January 2017

Still here, but feel bad I have been away!

Hi Girls

Hope someone can help....
Had a bit of a bad time over the last three months, and not been able to post or look on Blogger.
I came on today to have a look and cannot see anybodies blogs, no blog list, just goes to my post list and that's it.
Would appreciate any idea's what I have done, or where I can look.
Ta Debbie X

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Fiona said...

Hi Debbie
Good to have you back in Blogland. Yes Blogger has changed. You have to scroll down and on the left hand side it will say Reading List. Click on that and your followed blogs should appear. To access any comments you must click on Comments and then click again on Awaiting moderation. (That's if you moderate your comments)
Hope that helps! xx