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Sunday, 23 May 2010


Hi All,
I had a lovely day yesterday. My neice was 21 and I went to my sisters house in the afternoon for a Garden Party...It was lovely. Not only the company but the beautiful weather.

UNFORTUNATLY the day before (Friday night at midnight to be precise), I almost cut my finger off using the knife and ruler I have used for the last two years!!

I know I am a bit sad, but thought I would show you a picture of what I had to do in order to craft again today, as you can see I had to bandage it up like a big fat sausage!!
Ha Ha, I promise it is not quite as bad as It looks, but I cut through the finger and right through the nail, so now I have to wait 'till the bit of nail falls off, or it decides to mend back together. You can even see on the photo where I almost went across the next finger too. I went to bed in agony, but it feels better today.
I was so cross when I did it, so I never got round to finishing my just started card.
After I have rested my hangover in the sun, I will back on line and post the now finished card~


Dotty Jo said...

Oh my, that must have really hurt!!!! Hope you heal quickly Debbie, Jo x

Sheila said...

Ah dear, Now you are just gonna have to send me all your stash....sorry but I do wish you well very soon, hangover and finger that is..... Sheila:)X

Faye said...

Oh No! Debbie be careful! I know how much such a wound hurts! Hope it's not stinging so much now. Isn't this weather gorgeous?! I love the little wedding card underneath. x

Shelley said...

What you like! Hope it doesnt hurt too much. Great to see you finally finished the card,even with your war wound. hugs Shelley

Suzie Q said...

OOOh sounds nasty i hate craft knives always think im gonna slice meself !
Suzie Qx