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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

You're so special to me~~

Hi All~~

Raining today, couldn't believe my eye's...cannot remember the last time we had rain here.
I am dealing with a crisis at home at the mo.... My daughter is due to go on holiday with her boyfirend on Friday, BUT and it's a big BUT...
Eyjafjallajokull has decided to have another good old go!! (Or for those of you who haven't got a clue what I just said~ thats the official name of the Iceland Volcano~~)
The poor things thought that two weeks ago would have been the end of the flight disruption...but no...it's off again. Cannot be helped, but it is thier first holiday together. Poor little mites!!

Well down to today's card. Tilda sitting on a cake! Not sure this is my favorite Tilda, don't know if it's because she looks like she's wearing a ballet outfit and ballet was not my thing, but not sure...
Anyway, I needed to sit her on a cake, so she is the one I chose in the end.
I followed the Creative Inspirations challenge of orange, purple and pink, again I found that hard, they are not the three colours I would put together.
In the end I was quite pleased with the result.
Used my MS punches for the borders and the flowers, used a heart pin through the ribbon. Coloured with copics.

I have followed the following challenges:






Dotty Jo said...

Yummy colours - I need to zap my colour combos up a bit as they are getting a bit samey. Love your Tilda card, Jo x

Lindsey said...

Hi Debbie,
I would never have though of that colour combo either but it's worked a treat, love the card. I'm not sure if you ever emailed me your address for the LOTV images but if you did i'm sorry i never got it (just incase you were wondering where they were!) If you didn't then ignore my ramblings!
Hope your daughter gets her holiday, fingers crossed
Linds xxx

Faye said...

OK, grab a cup of tea, I have a lot to say! I think the colour combo is fab, not colours I would choose, but they work so well. Your un-fav Tilda works perfectly on the gorgeous cup cake and I love the flowers.
I hope your daughter manages to get on holiday, fingers crossed. And how on earth do you cope with , was it 23, three year olds?! My God, you must be on valium?!

Donna said...

Hi Debbie,

Gorgeous card - not colours I would put together but they are lovely! x

Shelley said...

Your colour pallet is just fine. But don't show it to Margaret! My Matt is in Turkey at the moment, hope he get home and your daughter gets away. hugs Shelley