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Thursday, 28 June 2012

How much do you love him??

Hi Girls,
Just a quickly to make you all smile... 
My Great Niece will be getting christened on Sunday 29th July. I did not really know what to get her as a gift, and thought about the usual stuff like Porcelain bowl and mug, or a load of Premium Bonds (however someone else is doing that) or a silver money box, What a dilemma.

After a few weeks of thinking about it I came up with a Limited Addition Teddy Bear from the Charlie Bear Collection. If you have not ever heard of them, you must check them out they are stunning, all handmade. They have the most adorable movable body parts and the cutest faces ever.

I have one myself called "Debbie". When I was 50 my friend Karen bought her for my Birthday and she sits in my craft room on a shelf watching me. My Charlie Bear has the Naughtiest face you have ever seen, she looks like she's really done something wrong!! 

This Bear for my Great Niece is called "Hot Cross Bun" and was just one of 4000 bears made, he is adorable isn't he?

I think it's funny that my bear actually looks like a girl bear, and I think Hot Cross Bun looks like a boy, what do you think?

So here he is............

OMGosh. I wish he was my Bear.
I have wrapped him up incase I change my mind and end up buying  Iris a Money Box!!


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