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Friday, 8 October 2010


Hiya girls~

Oh Dear.....I have hurt myself right before my trip away to Port Sunlight!!!
When I went dancing at Zumba on Thursday evening, everything was going great like always when....POP I heard my leg make a very odd noise.
I couldn't believe it, I ended up at my local hospital and I have ripped the tendons in my calf....That will teach me to dance like a nutter at the age of 49!!!

I was upset about missing PS tomorrow and was dreading getting up today as the doctor said it would get worse before it gets better. He was very worried it was my Achiles (which would have required an operation) but glad to say it wasn't.
Anyway glad to report that I feel ok and am popping the painkillers every 4 hours. I am ok (apparently) to go tomorrow as long as I can have sit down breaks. Not driving so thats ok too.
My poor friend Angie is acting as head nurse for the trip, I know I will be in safe hands (mind you, she will proberbly boss me about abit if I over do it!) BUT poor thing will have to push me about in a wheelchair If I end up needing it....Sorry Ang.

Well thats it, I will pop back and tell you all if I survived the trip, but hopefully I will and will have some lovely stash to prove it.

From a limping Debbiexx


Fiona said...

oh Debbie..I hope you're ok..you must have been shaking it too much at Zumba!! You will be glad it's not your achiles tendon...my friend snapped hers and she was in plaster for months and was off work for almost a year!! I'm sure Angie will take good care of you on your trip and be careful of steep hills in a wheelchair!!


chris said...

Oh sorry you have done this debbie, its sounds like agony. hugs chris xx

Lindsey said...

Oh no! Hope you aren't in too much pain? I hope you get to enjoy PS, especially since you have been looking forward to it so much. Tilda sends you her Jammy Bun and hopes it helps :-(
Linds x

Suzie Q said...

Hi Debbie,
Oh my gawd what a disaster, now learn from this "keep fit" is bad for you lol!!!!
what a true crafter you are broken leg and still going (well broken as in it needs mending!!)
you take it easy
Suzie qx

Dotty Jo said...

Goodness that sounds really nasty! Hope you can still manage to make it for your trip! Hugs, Jo x

kelly said...

What are you like!!!Hey the wheelchair sounds good.Might even get you in first to things and in the front of stalls to watch demo`s!!
Take care tomorrow,don`t let it put you off buying now.Still want to see pictures!!

Elaine said...

Oh poor Debbie!
You must've been giving it some wellie eh?
Hope you will be ok tomorrow, laughed to hear that it won't stop you going to Port Sunlight, you're a real trooper. Either that or a rubber addict! Hoping that you manage to get around ok tomorrow.
Take care!
Love Elaine xx

Vicky said...

OMG, I just knew keep fit was bad for you Debbie lol!, Sorry to hear about your poor leg, hope you not in to much pain and you are very lucky it wasn't your achilies ouch!
Sounds fun to be pushed around in the wheelchair, just think of all the goodies you can have and you are not carrying them!!!
Take care hun, and don't over do it! ( the nurse has spoken!!)
Hugs Vicky
P.s need to see piccies!

Faye said...

Oh Sweetie, I'm so sorry to hear you hurt yourself. I hope the pain goes and you are mended soon. Did you manage to enjoy the trip today? xxx

Sheila said...

See Debbie I now know that I simply cannot start exercising if this is what happens to you? Ha Ha but truthfully I am sorry for you but glad you are still going to PS (whatever and wherever that is), have fun, Sheila:)X

Kristina said...

Oh my, I hope you are doing okay! I go to Zumba too and I love it, hope you recover quickly!

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