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Monday, 9 July 2012

Help Girl's~

Please can anyone tell me where I can download this digi image, or something similar. My friend likes the "Washing Line" but I don't remember where it is from and I don't seem to have the image anywhere.


Faye said...

Hey Debbie. I know this one and it's on the tip of my tongue. Argh. He has a really cute name....

Love the card by the way. But this is gonna bug me all night!!

Kim said...

Oh that is a cute one Debbie but sorry I am no help don't know where it is from.

Faye said...

Newton, he's called Newton!



Unknown said...

This is such a cute card and thank you Faye for passing on the link.
I think we could all do with hanging out to dry after all this rain, I got soaked to the skin (literally) today.

Sorry I missed your visit to Embsay Debbie and yes I am going into hospital on 23rd July, really dreading it but hoping to be a new woman once I have recovered..here's hoping :) Thanks for your kind comments on my canvases, took a peek at your version, it's wonderful. I have only just discovered Art From the Heart in Harrogate and hoping to get a visit either tomorrow or Thursday, was putting it off until next week because of the Great Yorkshire Show traffic but as it's been cancelled I may be calling in soon :) Thanks too for the link to Kate Crane's blog, more wonderful stuff to browse.
Dawn xx