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Thursday, 24 September 2015

I am still here.....just sooooo busy!!

Hello Ladies

No excuses for not being around, just time is catching up on me, never seem to have time lately for anything. Mind you the Rugby World Cup is on now, so I can be found watching that at the mo!

Anyway. I have been doing loads of crafting as always, but just not had time to blog any of it! Such a shame as at one time I blogged almost every day! Sure I will get more time soon, and I do love blogland, so will always be here and look at what all you talented ladies are up too.

I have managed to take a couple of photo's of the "C" Wallets I have made to sell at my coming fairs.
I am actually selling on Sunday this week, but it's probably a tad early to bring out the "C" stuff....or is it??

Both these wallets are made using an A4 sheet of white card, I fold them in half and chop about 2" off the edge so they fit in an A5 envelope. I fold up about 2" on the bottom inside the wallet to create a pocket, I cut this to form two pockets, and round the edges for the money/voucher to go. The other side I leave blank and usually stamp a "C" saying and this is where the name goes (should have taken a photo of inside but forgot!!)
I then wrap a ribbon round and leave enough to tie, cover in papers and add embellishments. Both these toppers are Hobby House, and the sentiments are a lovely set by LOTV.
In all I have made 10 of these (but usually make around 40 in all) they are great for giving someone a voucher or money. Make them using a Birthday Image too.

Thanks for looking ladies and thank you for all the lovely comment. X

Debbie X

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Unknown said...

Those are fabulous wallets Debbie, love the rounded corners, hope you are keeping well.
Dawn x