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Friday, 22 April 2016

Sad but was the time to go...

Hi Girls

Just thought I should tell you all I have decided to call it a day at the "Sweet Stampin'" Challenge.

I want to thank all the girls in the Team for their continued support and help over the years.
You are a lovely bunch of girls and i will try to keep in touch via blog visits.
I remember when Fiona asked me to join the team all that time ago, and I was delighted and shocked that someone liked my work enough to ask me to join a team.

I left a message on the SS blog yesterday in reply to Abi's message, but did not get a chance to say goodbye to the girls in the group at that time. I cannot now get on to see any replies as it is closed to me now, so anyone want to message me please do so on here.
All the best to all at SS, continued success.

Debbie X


Fiona said...

aw Debbie...yes it was a long time ago that you joined the team and sometimes things change and you need to move on. You were one of the best team members on Sweet Stampin...good luck for the future.


Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

So sad to see you go Debbie. Please keep in touch hunny. Wishing you the best in all your crafty endeavours. You will be truly missed. Hugs, Wends x

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Oh, Debbie... this is sad news indeed! I am sorry to hear you will no longer be on the Sweet Stampin' team. It has been great working alongside you. You will be greatly missed!

Chris said...

So sorry to see you go Debbie, you and your beautiful work, will be sadly missed! Good luck for the future.

mixamatoasties said...

Sorry you're leaving Debbie, you'll be missed. Take care. Susan x

Paddington fan said...

Just wanted to say how sorry I am that you have left Sweet Stampin' , I'm really going to miss your wonderful creations and kind comments and input with the Sweeties, Hugs Jacky x

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

So sorry to see you go Debbie, wishing you all the best and don't be a stranger sweetie.

Love and hugs

Debbie said...

To the Sweet Stampin' Crew:

Thank you girls for your best wishes, it was lovely "Crafting" with you all, I promise I will not be a stranger.

Contrary to what some people think (and unfortunately this is the only place left for me now to tell you all) I did not leave because "life has got in the way"!....I left for a much different reason, and not one I wish to air on here, but the person responsible knows who she is and the reason I left.

I will call by your blogs very soon girls, I would like this opportunity to say a big thank you to you all, it has been a great ride ('till now) and your friendship will be treasured.
I will be posting regular, as always, so See you all soon.
Debbie X

Wishcraft said...

Sorry to see you leave Debbie... sending hugs xx Lisa x

Debbie said...

Hello girls

To get the record straight (as at the moment it seems to be getting swished around)....I left Sweet Stampin' Challenge Blog of my own volition, no one "threw me off", or asked me to leave, if my last message sounded like this is what happened then sorry, that is my fault.
There were reasons for me leaving, and I was and am very upset, but maybe i gave the wrong impression about me going.
Just wanted to clarify.

Debbie x


Hi Debbie, I've had no internet for the past few days and was celebrating my birthday yesterday. I had no idea anything was wrong on the DT and I am so sad to see you go. Please keep in touch. Sending hugs x