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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sorry for being away~

Hi All~

Sorry I have not been with you all for ages. I have gone back to work after 7 weeks off, so it takes me a few days to get going again.

I had a funeral yesterday, and today is my son's 18 Birthday....Cannot believe my youngest is 18 already, so tonight is party night..

At the weekend it's my trip to Harrogate papercraft fair, so I hopefully will have some gorgeous products to show you all next week.


Sheila said...

Debbie, Sorry meant to get a card made for your son but time did not let me. Wish him a fab bday from us pls! Our dil is back to work too after 7 weeks (teaches juniors) and she is exhausted. Have fun, Sheila:)X

Vicky said...

Hi Hun!, Happy birthday to your son and I hope he is having a fab time :o)
Isn't it hard to go back to work after a long time, I hate it and it does take a while to get back into it lol.
Have fun at Harrogate and spend loads of money heheheh, Im going to AllyPally in a couple of weeks yipee!
Lots of love Vicky xx

Elaine said...

Hope your son has had a fantastic 18th birthday. Harrogate eh? I imagine it's quite a distance for you to travel? I visit my brother in the Lakes and it takes us about 90 minutes to get there depending on traffic, and it takes us about the same to get to Harrogate, so I'm guessing it takes you 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get to Harrogate? Though I do think Harrogate is a fantastic show, if a tad busy!
Don't spend too much - leave something for me to buy!
Love Elaine xx