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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Template Show and Tell~

Hiya Girls,

A couple of you out there have asked about the template for my little Mother's Day baskets I made in my last post. I don't know where it came from and was a while ago now that I first made them, but I have tried (try being the operative word, as I have never done this before) to show a sort of picture of a basket in stages and hopefully it will help...SO here goes:

It is the easiest basket I have ever made. You need some plain cardstock, I use Basil Basics. Cut it to a 6x6 size (that's inches) then score two inch lines around all edges as shown:

Now you cut down two sections opposite each other as shown:

You then just cover the panels with your chosen paper. I cut 2x2" squares and then just take a slither off each end so they will fit, but if you want to measure each one accurately you can (I find no need tho'):

Then you simply fold up and brad the join as shown:

For the handle you need to cut a strip 2"x8" and then punch along the edges. You can then stick ribbon or paper down the centre.

Finally join handle onto the brad you have used and fill with tissue and your favorite treat...

I hope this is ok, not sure it is accurate enough, but you can Email me for other info if you like, address is at the top of my blog.



Dorcas said...

Wow this is awesome Debbie! Thanks. :-)

melanin@ said...

Thank you very much for the workshop.

Fiona said...

Thanks for the tut Debbie, you make it look very easy. Will deffo be trying it out for easter pressies.

kelly said...

This is brilliant Debbie,something else i want to try now.Everyone has such good inspiration,can anyone now give me the extra hours i need to try them out cause i don`t have enough!LOL!

LisiB said...

Thank you for this! I now know what I will do with my DD this weekend!! Since there is rain predicted, again, we will try this one! Thanks for sharing