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Friday, 26 August 2011

I hope this will help some of you~

I am no expert at "Punch around the page" by Martha stewart (as you will know if you have read my last post). BUT this is what I did (mind you it was after quite a bit of wasted card trying to get it right)!

I punched the corner then measured it to see how big it was, then measured the border bit once that was cut then the next corner and then added it all 3 up. (Don't know if that makes sense)! E.G. 1"+2"+1"=4", so cut the card at 4" to see how far out I was.
Yesterday on QVC Alex (Martha's right hand man) said It goes up in 2" incriments, but let me tell you....NO THEY DON'T!! Or at least the one I was using doesn't.
The Pansy punch I used cut at 3 1/4 and then the one on my last card which was 5", so my advice is to try what I said above with old card and when you get it right, save it write the size on it and get it out next time you need to. I have a feeling they are all NOT going to be the same, so you may need to do them for all your others....Good Luck.



Dorcas said...

Hi Debbie!
Did you PATP not come with instructions??
Mine says this, you can make squares in these sizes:
3.25 inches
5 inches
6.75 inches
8.5 inches
10.25 inches
12 inches
If you start at the corners it works easiest.:-)

Tracey T said...

This is really handy to know, Debbie. I've followed the instructions which have come with my PATPs but they don't all line up perfectly. Or maybe it's just me and I need to put more tonic in me gin?! xx