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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Big Problem~

Hi Girls.
I am really struggling with New Blogger.

Firstly I cannot do any spacing on my posts, everything is all joined together even tho' I have spaced them right when writing them. All my challenge info is just all joined together even tho' I have them all evenly spaced.

The example also shows "lots" of other key options on the post heading where the quote, bold, italic, link etc is, yet I only have about 5 things.
I reverted back to old blogger to write this post, but it says on it that it will be removed in a couple of weeks.
this is getting so annoying that if it stays like this I will probably not post, that is how cross it is making me.

Please can anyone help with my questions.


Jane said...

Oh I feel your pain Debbie, mine was changed over to it today too and I can't figure it all out! Don't know why they have to keep changing it! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. hugs, Jane xxx

Jennie Atkinson said...

That is a shame Debbie. Mine seems to be not alot different than previously now that I've got the hang of it.

When you are in a new post have you tried hitting the compose button rather than HTML? (left hand side) If I hit HTML I only get about five options, but when in compose it is the same as previously. Sorry if this is obvious and you have already done it. It must be very maddening.

Good luck!

Patty Sue 2 said...

I am a wreck trying to figure it all out. My question is WHY? I do not see this as an improvement in any way!

Fiona said...

Shit, they can't take away Old Blogger !!!! They've said that before and it's still there, if it goes I will be coming to you Deb for advice.