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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Been Busy Playing!!

Hi Ladies~

Hope you are all doing well.
Gosh January is flying by, it will be February before we know it!

My Kids (well not kids as they are 24 and 22!!) but kids anyway, have gone Skiing, so it's all quiet on the Western Front here!! Ha ha...
Mind you that will be normal soon when Matthew moves into his first new home.
My Daughter moved out in October last year, (she is organizing her Wedding at the mo for 2016), and now Matthew is just waiting for his keys and then he will go too!   Boo Hoo.
I know they have to leave and do their own thing, but I know I will miss Matthew as much as I miss Eve. Good thing is......They are both less than a mile from me, so easy to see them, and no doubt he will do what she does and ring me to ask if its ok to come for tea!!

So sorry for the Waffle.....I wanted to show you what I have been doing all last and this week.



I bought this "Tim Ink" storage Unit back in October last year, and I have waited till now to assemble it as I wanted to spend time having a lovely play with it. It was really easy to put together, I then primed it with Gesso, painted it green then covered all the draw bottoms with pretty papers.
I had a beautiful long calender I won from Katy, and It was so lovely I wasn't going to throw it away, but did wonder what I was going to do with it.....well they fit on the sides and back of this storage unit perfectly. The calender was a very unusual "long" shape so I was delighted when the individual pages fit this unit, I overlapped them slightly to get as many on as I could.

I am really pleased I have been able to use these and I am delighted at how it's turned out. Oh and it is great for my Timmy Inks! I must admit I have not got as many inks as the storage takes, but i did squeeze some "oversize" other makes of ink pads in too, it looks a bit miss-mashed but I am happy with it.



Sheila said...

Stunning Debbie. X

Tracey T said...

Must admit to being a bit jealous! It looks fabulous and how brilliant to use the calendar to decorate it. xx

An Occasional Genius said...

It looks brilliant Debbie! You clever thing you!! xx

Fiona said...

Wow Debbie, your ink storage unit looks wonderful....well done you.

Mrs A. said...

You have turned this unit into a work of art. I love the calendar page pictures you used. They dove tail in perfectly. Hugs Mrs A.

Unknown said...

Fabulous creation Debbie! It's good to see what you have done with the calender as Katy gave me one too and I love the pictures but not sure what to do with them. Good to know that both children are not too far away from you. I still invite myself to my mum's for tea if Kevin's away, can't beat a bit of mum's cooking :)
Dawn x