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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cravings are EVIL!!

Hello Girls~
Hope you are all well. Not a bad spell of weather at the moment....but shush! in case it changes.

I have a Layout and a short story for you today.
The photograph of me on this Layout was taken a long time ago when I was holidaying in Spain with my Hubby and his parents. Although you will find the journalling too small to read i will give you a quick version of why this layout makes me laugh when I think of this week in the sun, and why my kids find it so amusing!

When in Spain we all ate the Lemon and Orange ice creams that the Spanish make by putting the flavoured ice cream in the empty shell of a Lemon/Orange before freezing solid. We just couldn't get enough of them and every night coming back from a Hot day out, we would call in at the local shop and bring some back to the Villa to eat as quick as possible.
So.....jump in time to 8-9 years later when I became pregnant with my first child. I decided one day I had a craving.....Yes! you guessed it, I woke suddenly one night and was so desperate for either the Lemon (like in the photo) or the orange Spanish ice creams. I used to cry and plead with Chris to go get one for me. The only problem was, they were in SPAIN!!
Well 19 months later and pregnant again....YE! it all started again.
My Sister reminded me that when she was pregnant she too wanted something freezing cold like I did......But her Craving was crunching on ICE CUBES!
I did remind her that unlike my Craving, she could quite easily get hers......from the TAP!!

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Chris said...

Lovely L/O Debbie! Great story, made me remember my cravings!
Tomatoes with no1 and bananas with no2! No1 always (and still does) love anything with tomato and no2 was a little monkey!

Jennie Atkinson said...

Great story and a lovely LO! I think I just craved food - didn't matter what it was!