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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Help anyone!

Hi Girls.
Hope someone can help me.
I seem to be getting quite alot of unwanted comments for my blog posts. They are not that ad but are of a sexual nature. Just wondered if anyone else is getting them and if you have any tips to me getting rid of them. I am deleting them, but today i had three.


Pamela said...

Hi Debbie, I have been getting a few as well. I just delete any that are anonymous, don't know if there is any way you can stop them, but would be interested to hear if anyone knows.

Pam x

Tracey T said...

That's not nice, is it Debbie? Some people evidently just don't have enough to do. I haven't had any but I would have thought stuff like that would go into your spam folder. Is there a way you can block that sender? I bet Alison or Abi will know. Hugs Tracey xx

An Occasional Genius said...

As far as I know Debbie, the only really foolproof way of dealing with it is to set your comments so you have to approve them. We've had to do that on SS as we were getting them. If you need any help on how to change your comment settings, yell. Unless of course anyone has any better ideas.

Also when you delete them, make you sure you mark them as spam as it will help blogger identify them(in theory!)

Hope some of that helps xx

Jen Nelson said...

helps if you remove the ability to post a comment as anonymous

Jen xx

Debbie said...

Thank you girls. Will have a go at that. I am not offended by them, they are just annoying. Dx

Danni said...

only 3? I get about 15-20 a day. That delete button gets a workout! Darn spammers!

Natali said...

I started to have it a few months ago.. After that I changed for "blog author approval"..

Fleur said...

Hi Debbie, I used to get loads too, I have allowed only registered users to comment, and that's sorted it,
HUGZ Fleur xXx