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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Scoot the RAT!

Hello Ladies, hope I find you all well today.
I am going to be missing for the next few days (Fri to Mon) as I will be having a spend at the GNPE in Harrogate with my lovely friend Angie, we are so excited and cannot wait now!
When I return I hope I will be able to show you some of my nice new stash!

Onto today's project. I have a Scrapbook page to show you today, and have followed this super sketch, but unfortunately I cannot find it now. My sketch is very much like the challenge sketch, that had these circles, but I cannot find it now!

Now.....If you look closely at the photograph you will see my Son at age 10, and if you look even closer (If you dare!!) you will see his pet.....his "Girl" Scoot, the RAT! (She is just nestling in his hood).
Now please before you run away screaming and jumping on the chair, let me tell you about our girl's...Oh yes Girl's in the plural! We had two pet rats one for each of the children.
My children were both at the age when they were pestering me for a pet. We don't want a rabbit said my daughter, or a hamster or a guinea pig, and we know we cannot have a dog, but we want a pet that will play with us and we can play with them!!

After some invaluable Internet research and a talk with my local pet shop owner I grew more and more sure the best pets for the children were pet rats.
I have never been one who is afraid of mice or spiders or snakes (but I don't like anything that flies, like bees, wasps, moths and AEROPLANES!!), so I knew I would not be afraid of them and OMG...they were the most fantastic pets EVER!

Not only did they just love to be out of their cage playing, they were clean, so sweet together, and the children could play with them from the minute they came in from school 'till they went to bed.
Matthew would play loads of funny games with Scoot, he would roll a malteeser along the settee and she would bring it back to him...not eat it, play games with it, she was incredibly intelligent and even my friends who said they hated rats fell in love
with her, she was just so adorable.
I used to sit her on my shoulder and sing to her, she used to go in a trance almost and just sit with her little face against My cheek.
I know she would not have been every body's cup of tea, but our local Vet said that they make the perfect pets. Unlike a hamster that would make a run for the nearest exit if they were allowed to (you would never see it again!) Rats are happy to go back and forward in the cage with no care to escape. We had a bird ladder coming from the door to the settee arm and we would just let them come and go all the time.
They slept together in a terracotta "Plantpot" and ate food like a hamster + vegetables which they loved.
There was one downfall, unfortunately they are not with us very long and have a maximum lifespan of 3 years, our girl's were only just 2 when they died, so very sad they did not live longer.
Hope you like her...Say you do! It's ok if you don't 'tho. Lol

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Vicky said...

Super layout Debbie...and we used to have rats too...and they are the perfect pet...but sadly they just don't live for very long :o(

Ooh have a super time at Harrogate...and I cannot wait to see all your fabulous stash sweetie... :o)

take care and big hugs Vicky xx

gina g said...

Beautiful page, your page is fine for our challenge hun, sadly i don't like rats i am terrified of them lol, wouldn't life be boring if we all like the exact same things. Thanks for joining us at Crafts and me this week. luv gina xx

CraftyC said...

LOL, a fabulous LO Debbie!!

Kim Piggott said...

Oh wow Debbie this is so gorgeous and love your story too :)
Have a brilliant time and can't wait to see your new stash!
kim x

Doreen said...

This is just gorgeous.Thanks for sharing with us at Anything Goes this week.xxx

crafty amy said...

What a great page :D I LOVE the layout and I used to work in a pet shop and no one listened to me when I advised them to get rats for thier children so it is so nice to hear someone else saying how great they are lol. Thank you for joining us at Crafts and Me and good luck.


Amy xx

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