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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

You couldn't make it up!!

Hi Girls,
It has taken me this long to blog after my weekend away as I have had to get all my jobs done and tidy up the mess my lot left for me!! How kind!
Mind you my two did get me a Blu Ray (Real Steel with Huge Jackman!!) and beautiful flowers for Mother's Day, so all is forgiven.

Did you see the title of this post? Well I am not joking...what Angie and I got up to in the hotel you honestly couldn't make up, I just don't know where to start to tell you, but this is the short version. (the long version I have sent to Steven Spielberg to see if he is interested in it!)

You will still need a coffee and a tranquiliser while you read it, it's pretty long..

On our first day away, Angie and I had a busy day shopping/driving eating and drinking, but ended up turning in for the night at about 11.30 (up the next morning at 6.30 so knew we would need some shut eye).
The next thing I knew was Angie waking me up to saying there was a horrendous noise coming from the room above us. It was 2.50am!! Well we waited and waited and it just did not stop. We rang reception, but as the hotel is a quiet pub type hotel no one was there.
We were getting really cross by this time, so decided to go up and knock on the room. We both popped on our dressing gowns, I put on my "Pig" slippers (Ye-I know!), Angie grabbed the room key and off we went. Well outside the room the noise was just awful, so loud (tv obviously). No answer, knock again, no answer.
On the phone in our room was an emergency number, so I decided we would call that.
As we started down the stairs back to our room, I noticed Angie had stopped on the stairs and when I looked back she was ashen white with a painful looking twist on her face.....She was looking at her hand...... The key she had in her hand belonged to the CAR not the ROOM!!! OMG, what a nightmare! We were LOCKED out.
Things got worse (I know, you are thinking how!)
Well we decided the only thing we could do was to sleep in the car, OR (my plan!!) Which was to knock on someones door, apologise and say we are sorry for waking them at this godly hour but, we are locked out of our room! It was about 3.35am by this time...
So I went to the door opposite our room, and as I went to knock on it, it opened...

Now this is how my mind works.....

I thought Oh great NO ONE IN IT, door open, we can kip in there until we can let someone know in the morning!
How wrong I was. I pushed open the door and put the light on so it was lit up like a Belisha Beacon...................Eh there was a couple IN BED!! Honest!
As it happens they were so drunk they did not even know we were in their!
Eventually we managed to wake the girl and in the end got her to ring the on duty manager who let us in our room and sorted out the tv upstairs.....To make things worse (Like that could happen!) The people who's room we invaded had been partying for the girl's Birthday, so that's probably one she will remember.....Sorry!!

Told you. Angie and I are not fit out TOGETHER, in future I am going to go everywhere separate from her. Wouldn't be any fun then tho' but we might not get into any Bovver!! LOL

I have booked Angie on a locksmith course just to be on the safe side, be prepared that's what I always say...



Trina said...

You definitely won't forget that trip, will you?? :D

Pamela said...

OMG! That sounds like a comedy sketch from Fools and Horses! That did make me laugh.

Pam x

Squirrel x said...

Good grief woman, you're not safe to be let out!! Thanks for making me spit coffee everywhere this morning (grin) Hugs Sxx

Sheila said...

Hilarious Debbie! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!! Sheila:)X

Vicky said...

LOL...Sounds like you had a lot of fun sweetie :o)

big hugs Vicky xx