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Monday, 12 April 2010


As promised I have posted my Birdhouse...

The template is taken from the Magnolia Tilda magazine (The first magazine, Christmas 2009). I am a bit of a dim witt when it comes to measurements, so I am afraid I have only shown you a photo of the template and not the measurements. However if it helps, the centre square measures 3". If my hubby gets a chance to help me at the weekend, I will try to put some dimentions on!!

I drew round the template on paper, then transfered this to my cardstock. (Double sided cardstock is perfect, you need card with a bit of weight. I have used 12x12 card, but as you can see from the photo, they have shown it on A4 size.

Next step is to cut out the little circle for the window, and you can add a piece of acetate over it if you wish, but I didn't do that, as I wanted my flowers to pop through it.
Score all the folds ready for when you make the house shape. This is where you ink round all the edges if you wish. Make up the house by bringing all the sides together and glue in place.
The roof is made with a piece of card folded in half, it should overhang the house at the front and back, by a few centimetres and be long enough to come down the sides of the house, as shown. This is where the doublesided card comes into it's own, as you can use the other side to seperate the colours on the roof.
Glue one side of the roof down, but NOT the other side, this is left just to hang over. You need to leave this side open to get your gift inside, and if you put a heavy embellishment over the top of the roof, (in my case more flowers) this will keep it closed.

To finish my house, I cut lots of little butterflies and a border for the bottom, all cut with MS punches. Make a couple of bunches of flowers, stick one inside the house popping out of the window, and make the other to rest on the side of the (OPEN) roof flap. In the magazine they have added something heavy to the open side of the roof in order to keep it closed, you could use a charm or on a round sentiment you could add a coin glued to the underside.

Can you guess what I have put inside my house??????????(you cannot quite see him!)

It's one of those yummy Gold Lindt Rabbits! It's only the tiny size, mind you that tiny one has something like a thousand calories in him!!
My Mother in Law will enjoy it anyway, and hopefully she will like her Birdhouse too~~


Dotty Jo said...

Thanks so much for sharing Debbie, this is gorgeous!!!! You have made it look so easy, but I'm sure it isn't! Jo x PS Blog candy around 28th April so don't forget to drop by.

Lindsey said...

Hi Debbie, this is fantastic, i'm sure your mother in law will love it! Must have taken years!
Your comment did not show up on my blog straight away as I have comment moderation enabled, this just means that any comments i recieve are stored until i log in andb then it shows on the dashboard any comments you haven't seen, just saves having to scroll through your whole post to see if anyone new has visited. Regarding the photo, to delete it go to edit post and click on the photo then press delete. You can move it by dragging it too. Hope this has helped!
Linds xx

Lau W said...

Fantastic ! so nice !