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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

I have another passion...

I am afraid when I told you paper crafting was my only passion, I was telling a small lie!! SORRY!
I have another passion too...

My son told me that I was not to tell you about my other passion,(even though the photo's are from a book he bought me for Christmas) BUT I cannot help it, it's......PIGS...Micro pigs to be precise.
I know it's daft, but I just love them. At Christmas when other kids were asking "Can I have a pony", yes you guessed it..I was asking for a pig.
My best friend Angie and my lovely husband won't buy me one, so what chance have I got of getting one as a gift?
They are so tiny, and Soooooooooooo cute, and not hard to look after, but NO, I am not allowed to have one.

I might have to leave this country and go to a desert Island with my micro pig....Then lets see who misses me.!!

Debbiexx (oink oink)


Shelley said...

These pigs look so cute! I am sure you could fit on on the allotment. The only problem they might eat all you veg. They loo so small Angie and Chris wouldnt see it. hugs Shelley

Lindsey said...

How MEAN! Have you explained that you NEED one? They are sooo cute, i'd never heard of a micro pig before. I wonder why Paris Hilton hasn't got one? Maybe she has, I'm going to get a haircut tomorrow so i'll see if I can spot any in OK or whatever mag I get to read!I think I want one too (but i'm still working on the horse so best not push my luck!)
Linds xx